La la Land Review

La La Land

A Movie Review

La La Land, a great place to be on a cold winter’s day in January.  At the movies with the one I love.  La la Land takes us on a journey we all have traveled or will travel–that exhausting, exilerating trip between dreams and reality.  It is that place where we go when the mundane cannot sustain us:  trapped in traffic, changing diapers, laundry day…It is that place the young begin to launch out into- the unknown to the familiar place of romantic and childhood dreams.

How wonderful it feels to dream about the applause, the bonuses, the dream job, dancing in the rain, writing that novel, singing to the star-lit night with “the one”.  

La La land.  Is it a place we go when we cannot cope with reality?  Or is La La Land the reality that we can only go to when we shed this human skin and become some kind of a spiritual being–are we human beings having heavenly experiences now and then or are we heavenly beings coping with earthly experiences on a daily basis.

Is reality that day we wake up and let go of the childhood dreams and take the “secure route”, the stable job, the steadier relationship, the sure thing?  Does anyone make it through their dreams to the end stages of life satisfied?  Do our dreams change or do we change?

La La land mixes the dreams of the 1950’s mindset to the dreams of the feminism mind set of the 2000’s.  A fifties movie theme of boy meets girs, gets girl, boy loses girl,  boy gets girl is changed to boy and girl have dreams and they go for them.  Neither give in to love and dreams and dancing in the moonlight.  So,  the secure, the goal leaves the dream behind.


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