“UN-DE-TERRED” By Vicki Kloosterhouse

Book Review by Linda Lee

Women are the image bearers of God.  We are as equally important in the body of Christ as men.

So, then, why do we accept self-limiting attitudes and the societal expectations that curb our effectiveness in the body?

Vicki includes psychological studies, not just who we are but whose we are.

The well observed mean girl attitude is labeled as relational aggression.  It is looked at from a healthy perspective, along with  lack of confidence, impatience and searching for happiness instead of joy.  We learn from Vicki’s own story how forgiving can be a long journey -yet worth the trip.

Vicki quotes a wise WWII Survivor:  “You Americans are always so worried about being happy.”

Americans have been taught from the cradle to find happiness in a jar, a can, a new dress or a new product or an adrenalin rush–Vicki tells us how to realign our lives to find inherent joy.

Vicki teaches seminars on women, leadership and stress management.  Her book would be beneficial for any women’s small group experience.


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