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 What is Feminism?


What, exactly is Feminism?  Is it the exact opposite of chauvinism?  Is it the rightful place of a woman in society?  Does it shift attitudes and thinking from male dominance to a matriarchy?


A new word for me, has emerged recently, it is “complementarinism”.  This is the belief that woman was created ( I am glad creation still stands) from the rib of man to be his mate-to complete him.  It is an eqaul status with a complementary purpose.  Many balk at this.


Equal pay for equal work has long been a battle-and a fair one I must say.


What does the Christian woman have to say?  Well, I believe that Jesus was the first “women’s liberator”.  He forgave the woman at the well, he excused Mary from the kitchen and allowed her to sit and learn with the men-a higher calling.  Jesus loved and elevated women.  He respected them.


But, I am confused and embarrassed by the angry mobs of women marching with vagina’s on their heads.  Really now. I do understand some of the anger from women who have been abused and objectified by men.  But, to be male-bashing, irreverent, snide and vengeful is as hideous as the afore mentioned men who abuse.


It is not a war.  It is not a competition.  Men and women need each other, God designed it that way and I am not just referring to the sexuality end of things.


What feminism has brought upon women is a heavier work load than ever before in history.  The ideal would be that both man and woman work equally, care of the children and home equally etc.

But we all know that is not reality for most women.  In the fight to bring about this equality, we have emasculated men.  No we don’t need to be locked into strong gender roles, nevertheless, we do have different gender identities, different gifts and obviously a different role in child bearing/raising.


I may be a relic, but I like to have my 6’3″ husband carry in my groceries, or fix my car.  I like to be a home-maker and create a safe and peaceful place for my family and guests.  Do you think this is not work?  Am I demeaned by it?  No.    I have also worked outside the home when needed and I was grateful for the opportunity to be able to choose.   Younger women do not even get that choice.  Having a profession that you love is different than taking on a task-oriented job to help pay for groceries.  It has become bondage to a higher degree than ever before.  But that is Satan’s lie, isn’t it?

“If you eat from that tree you will not surely die.”

Once again the cunning creature has deceived the woman into believing a lie.  Equality does not mean “same”.  “Anything you can do, I can do better” is not a motto that promotes healthy families.

Instead, anything you can do, I will gladly assist you, anything I can do, I would be grateful for your assistance.


How about we let go of the battle and live in peaceful harmony?  That sounds like a better goal to me.


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