“The Principles and Benefits of Change” By Dr. Myles Munroe

-A Book Review by Linda Lee


Dr. Munroe talks openly and honestly about change.  We fight it.  But, change is the one

constant in life.  Our desire for comfort causes us to lock in to our traditions–but the

world is changing–and we must adapt. A quote from Dr. Munroe:  ” It is comfort that

creates tradition. It is discomfort that creates transformation.”  Maturity is measured by

our adaptability to change.  He tells us how God uses change to comform us to His image.

He tells us how to adjust financially, personally and spiritually to change–and at times,

how we must get ahead of the curve.


Visionaries have an edge–

Tradition is limiting and will ultimately shrink your world.

There are a multiple number of changes that occur for each of us on a daily basis but we

sometimes fail to see it or the importance of it.  One day, we wake up and find that we have

been left behind.

We live in uncertain times, there are things none of  us want to adapt to nor do we think

we or society should have to–but nonetheless, change does not ask our permission or our

pace and preferences..

On leadership:  ” Leadership is the capacity to influence others through inspiration,

generated by a passion, motivated by a vision, birthed from conviction…The leaders

almost always confront change first.”

I recommend this book to every human being.  Change is inevitable and we might as well

start making some adjustments now to avoid more pain later.


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