“Angry Men and the Women Who Love Them” By Paul Hegstrom, PH.D.

“Angry Men and the Women Who Love Them”

By Paul Hegstrom, PH.D.

Book Review By Linda Lee

“How do we know when normal conflict has crossed the line into dysfunction?”

Paul Hegstrom defines abuse in thorough, thoughtful, truthful and compassionate language.  He speaks to the abused and the abuser.  He speaks to the church and to Pastors and counselors.

Especially, abused women and children have been further traumatized by the responses of friends, family, churches and supposed helpers.

He addressed childhood wounds that are at the root of anger, dysfunction and abuse.  There is a chapter on building healthy relationships

After years of his own healing and dealing with couples in violent relationships, he has much wisdom to share.  I recommend this book to any one in helping professions, as well as those trapped in a cycle of unhealthy relational patterns.

He deals with those who have control issues, including those who use isolation and the silent treatment as a way to control family members.  He gives a path toward normal, healthy mutual submission and respect.


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