“becoming myself” by Stasi Elderedge Book Review By Linda Lee

What stands in the way of fulfilling your destiny? God created us for something great. We have not, as women, in general leaned into that destiny. Stasi leads us through a process of introspection and prayer to find that “gem” buried under all the demands of the world, guilt, shame, expectation, generational sins and issues, imposed identities and self-estrangement. Through the pages and the exercises, if you are intent, you will emerge shining and whole and at peace. Becoming myself means becoming free. Freedom is not at all what this world tells us that it is-nor is it the message women sometimes get from the church. Freedom is Christ in me, the hope of Glory. We hear and read those words, but Stasi will help us understand, better, what that means to the women of this era. Stasi is uncommonly transparent with her past, sins, struggles and how she has been and is being set free– There is an accompanying study guide and DVD series available–not for the purpose of financial security for Stasi, but for the purpose of seeing women set free–free to be you and free to be me in the contest of relationship. For sure, put this on your Christmas list and then, set aside the time you need to process, learn, grow and be set free! It will change how you see yourself–and in turn, how others see you.


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