“FATHER LOVE” By Eli Williams Book Review by Linda Lee Author,

Book Review by Linda Lee


Eli Williams is a man, an African-American Christian man this is uniquely equipped to address the issues of current societal issues. He is the CEO of “Fatherhood Ohio” a foundation that raises funds and awareness for community programs touching the issues of fatherlessness in America. Somehow, in Ohio they have been able to forge partnerships with faith-based groups that actually produce results. As Eli observed and heard stories of abused and neglected children in his community, he dared to be active. He learned that in each case, “there was a missing, unskilled or irresponsible father or father figure. He learned that children of poverty are 44% more likely to live in a fatherless home compared to 12% in a married couple family. These children are more likely to be involved in drug and alcohol abuse and their physical and emotional health is at a much higher risk. Using a biblical based model of father-love, Eli explains what fathers need to produce strong, resilient children. Our systems are rigged against the father. Often mother’s afraid of losing custody of their children during a divorce will make false charges against a father. And then there are those men due to absent fathers, drug abuse, inner city complexities are abusive or incarcerated. How do we “redeem” these families? Broken families produce broken families. Eli calls us out to a higher goal. Redeem souls, redeem fathers, heal families. We have to become a more compassionate society. We need better rehabilitation for drug and alcohol abuse. We need churches and strong Godly men to mentor young men, especially immediately after they are being released from jail. They need to know “how” to maintain or establish healthy relationships with their children. Eli lays out a plan that has worked in Ohio, and it can work in our communities too. Read the book and try to get it into the hands of community leaders, social workers, Pastors & Chaplains and counselors. This issue is at the root of our drug problem, our gun problem or educational problem. The State cannot do the job of a Daddy. Abba-Father lays out the perfect plan and gave us a perfect example, if we will follow it.


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