Prayer Precept January 2017


There are many kinds of prayer and many examples in the Word of God.  Often, we are stuck on the prayer of supplication, the lists prayer or the “gimmee God” kind of prayer.  And those are legitimate prayers when accompanied by faith.

Let’s just look at a few:       The Prayer of Faith:                    Matthew 9:29

Galatians 5:6

The Prayer of Consecration:        Luke 22:42

John 11: 41-42

Praying the Will of God:               I John 5:14-15

John 15:7

Prayer of Commitment:                  I Peter 5:7

Philippians 4:6-8

The Prayer of Agreement:               Matthew 18:19

United Prayer:                                 Acts 4:24

The prayer I want to highlight for us in 2017 is The Prayer of Praise and Worship which I believe is of the utmost importance for working with God in the end of days-definitely in 2017  Praise is Prayer.  It takes us to a higher plane, it lifts us from our worldly, earthly, fleshly thoughts so that we can literally or figuratively (depending on your theology) be seated with Christ in a Heavenly place.  It’s not just emotion.  We are earth bound, but our spirits are not.  I know of no better way to take myself from the worries of this life and be peaceful and confident in Who He is and Whose I am.  Sometimes I have to fight myself to do it, but it is so worth it when I am discouraged, hurt, sad, lonely or just dealing with life.  Jesus said in this world you will have trouble BUT I have overcome the world.

Let’s Praise our way into overcoming Victory for 2017.  Amen?

Psalms 87:1-2 CEV ”  Zion was built by the Lord on the holy mountain, and he loves that city more than any place in all of Israel.”

Psalm 89:1-2, 8,9, 11 CEV “Our Lord, I will sing of your love forever.  Everyone yet to be born will hear me praise your faithfulness.  I will tell them, ‘God’s love can always be trusted, and his faithfulness last as long as the heavens.”  …You are Lord god All-Powerful!  No one ias as loving and faithful as you are.  You rule the roaring sea and calm its waves.”  ”  The heavens and the earth belong to you.  And so does the world with all its people because you created them and everything else.”

Some thoughts taken from “How You Can PRAY In the End Of Days” by Dr. Billye Brim

copyright 2015


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