“Take Charge of your Destiny”

by Jim Donovan

Book Review by Linda Lee

Mr. Donovan gives many helpful ideas on how to achieve a life of plenty and order–not in 10 easy steps but by positive re-enforcement, visualization, controlling emotions, seizing opportunities and the ever present, working hard.

Many of his ideas are time honored disciplines that do have an impact over a life-time–like having a change box and letting that be your savings or your vacation fund.  He suggests that controling emotions is huge, however he doesn’t include the spiritual perspective and disciplines to accomplish this sometimes difficult journey.

Mr. Donovan has lifted himself from rags to self-sufficiency and that is to be admired.

He breaks it down to these categories:  Spiritual, Self Development, Health and fitness, Family, friend and social relationships, Career and business, Social and material, Money and investments.

It is a quick and easy read with exercises in each area to begin working toward that destiny.


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