What shall we do then with Jesus (Yashua) that is called the Christ?  His way, is The Way.  What shall we do in this world that seems to be turned upside down and everyone does what is right in their OWN eyes?

We understand the concept of appointed times and season.  But in the waiting room, we wonder, sometimes we even doubt–our faith gets shaky.  From all our times past and from the Word we know that God is faithful, that He is mighty to save.  We remember the stories of Gideon and David and and Daniel.

I remember and rehearse the wonderful miracles you  have done on our behalf–over and above the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, food for our table and the abundance the most Americans experience.  You gave life to our pre-mature first born child after prayers of faith were lifted.  Over and over and over again you provided gas money and food money and bill payment money when we did not know from where it would come.  You have provided moving expenses and tires for our car, finances to see our children, Christmas blessings, a swimming pool–way over and above our needs.  You have soothed our souls, our woundednesses have been healed, our disagreements overcome by the power of Your Name and Your Word.  We have three healthy sons and wives and seven healthy grandchildren.  We have air-conditioning in our home.  We have a car–a computer, a cell phone–all way over the top.  We have a library full of books and the Bible that trumps all of that.

And with all those things, what we treasure the most is having security in your love for us, a relationship that hears our need, sees our  responses, You meet us in the wee hours, you walk with us throughout our day and give us your peace and your mercy. You allow us to share with others in life and fellowship.

Let me continue to focus on YOU, not this world that is going to pass away.  Our hope is in you Lord, our trust is in You.  Forgive our sin, our doubt and fear–and fill us with your Holy Spirit to not just cope with this world, but to have vision from you, to have overcoming power and strategies that allow your Kingdom to come and your will to be done on this earth as it is in heaven.  So again, we pray, “Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men”.  Amen.


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