Fake News?

Oh my goodness.  Fake News?  It’s nothing new.  From the beginning of time, Adam and Eve were deceived by “fake news”.  For ions the big question has been “what is truth”?

From Aristotle to Plato, Buddha, Confucius, Oprah (well sort of) Steinem to the hippie generation, to the internet, we have all been searching for truth-and not finding it in all the wrong places.  Believe it or not, it leads to war–your truth or my truth becomes a literal tug of war between the sexes, between unions and business owners, between the “classes”, between religious institutions, and even  between working and stay-at-home Moms.  There have been periods where we compromise our truth into, “well, that’s your truth and this is my truth” for a quasi-peace.

But we all know, really, deep down, there cannot be two truths.  There are no alternate truths- though there most definitely are alternate perceptions of truth, perceptions of life events and assigned motives to actions that may or may not be accurate.

Where do we go to find truth?  The internet, the library, institutions of higher learning, the church, peer groups, parents and very rarely in this generation do we rely on authority figures.  And, perhaps with good reason, we have all been let down in that arena either by teachers, parents, priests, and mostly dangerously, with music icons and Hollywood “role models”.So we now have a generation (or maybe a few) of street gangs–the ultimate let down of a group promising protection and truth.

Silly women have sought safety and truth in the arms of a casanova, believing his lies and falling for a deception of love-and that’s another whole story.  We believe the lie that cosmetic manufacturers and movie makers and  fashion leaders tell us about what love is–about how fulfilling romance will be, if we just own the right sexy dress or the sleek new sexy car.  Is that truth?  Is that reality?

All these lies mess with our families, with our sense of self-esteem, our understanding of purpose and direction in life.

Really people, this is the biggest question in life:  What is truth?  And so you know what  Jesus said unto him, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life; no man cometh unto the Father, but by Me.”  KJV  It was true two thousand years ago it is true today.  You can take it to the bank.  I have experienced it and so have millions.

Yet, do I have all truth?  No.  I do not have all wisdom, but I am intimately acquainted with THE ONE who is the author of life, the founder of truth, the CEO-Creator, The Shepherd, Guide, Alpha and Omega (Beginning and End)–HE TRULY IS THE BE ALL AND END ALL OF IT ALL.

Why would anyone seek truth from the politicians?  I rest my case.













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