Charles Dudley Warner was quoted as saying: “Politics makes strange bedfellows” has never been more true.

Just entering my own golden years, I find myself a bit more skeptical than I used to be.  I have more faith in God, less faith in people. ( Or election promises, party loyalties),   I have moved from being a pacifist to accepting human frailties as a fact of life that we all must deal with according to our own  convictions.

And my politics?  I have no faith in men–only in a God that nutures men’s souls. I am somewhat surprised by the GOP’s direction in this election (2016)  that seems to change each week, like a 50’s soap opera but still stay the same.    We can pick up a day later or a decade later and its the same old stuff–

I have morphed from an idealistic young journalist to a a synical Grandma of the world but full of hope for and in  the unseen world.

Regrets?  Oh, yes I have picked up a few of those along the way, also.  Some say, it is those regrets, mistakes and lessons that make us wise.  Some call me wise.  I pray I am not embittered by a world of terrorists and 9/11 mentality and the worship of “me” in these past decades.  What exactly is wisdom but not putting too much faith in anything but the unseen God who created the earth and stars and sea.  Another famous quote:  ”  the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom”….You think?

I  may be older, wiser, fatter, but better.  I forgive myself and others more quickly.  I really expect less  and feel grateful when others surpass my expectation.  I love the laughter of children I had little time for as a young mother.  As Grandma, nothing thrills my heart more than watching my grandchildren  play–and observe nature–“look Grandma!”, “isn’t this cool?”  “oh, look at the clouds”…

I also know that I cannot live in fear of the terrorists.  I have the courage to accept the things I cannot change, evaluating each life-situation for “truth”…This election, perhaps on the threshold of a whole new world is critical, but I am just one vote.  And, I will vote, the rest is out of my hands, and I will not fear, I will not fret, I will not judge those who have not reached that place just yet.  We are all on a journey–The “bedfellows” you cater to today, may be much less than those of tomorrow.

So, see the sky, the stars, the rocks and trees and mountains and lakes.  See the gleam in an other’s eyes and the delight in a child’s joyful laughter.  Look beyond the sky and what is seen.  Be wiser.



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