“Spirit, Soul & Body” By Wommack A Book Review By Linda Lee

Andrew Wommack describes the “vavle” that allows the Spirit of God to merge with our personal soul and body.  When we become  a believer in Christ, we are a new creation.

So why do we continue to fight the world the flesh and the devil?  Too often our mind agrees with the natural world more than the spiritual world–the Spiritual One.

Wommack describes how your learned patterns cut off the flow of the Spirit.  Repeatedly he explains the need to wash our minds, renew our minds in the Word.  Our body doesn’t really control anything.  He states: “However, the truth is that old things are passed away, and all things became new in your spirit the moment you were born again.  Now, everything you’ll ever need in your Christian life is already there.  Just renew your mind and release it…..The rest of our Christian life isn’t spent learning how to get from Him but rather discovering how to release what He’s already placed within!”

Carnality is anything to do with the five senses, and that is where most of us live most of the time.  He claims that willpower is the shovel of the flesh, that we must walk in the Spirit.  Though it is not by effort, it does require time and energy.

From Wommack’s vein of theology, he further teaches that “speaking in tongues” is an aid to navigating this journey and that it comes at the Baptism of the Spirit, a second work of God’s grace.

I know many Spirit-filled believers that have other “gifts” that coincide with the gifts of the Spirit that have evidenced the power and miraculous of God.

His thoughts help the believer struggling to understand, where is my soul?  Is the Spirit part of my spirit?  Why do I do what I don’t want to do? ( A very familiar question of the Apostle Paul).

In 19 chapters Wommack explains the amazing formula for channeling the work of the Spirit through the Holy Spirit, our soul (or our mind) and our body.

Draw near to God and He will draw near (and nearer) to you and to me.  He will bring our body, mind and soul into unity with His Spirit which is now in us as believers that have fully accepted Christ by faith and repentance.

It was not a “easy read” or particularly entertaining, you have to really want to understand the flow of the spirit within.





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