“The Healing Creed” by Becky Dvorak


Book Review by Linda Lee


The Healing Creed on pages 17 & 18 could stand alone.  It stands on the Word of God, period.  He says what He says without interpretation, doctrines of choice or human filters.

I would recommend that anyone in the midst of a healing battle read these verses and meditate on them daily.

But, that is not all Becky unpacks for us as she also shares testimonies of what God did.  The evil one, is the one who robs, steals, kills and destroys.

So, how do we live in the world believing for His Kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven?  Becky gives us many solid suggestions.  Most of us will die, but what causes premature death?

How do we activate our faith-filled words in a world that is full of doubt, deceit and death?

A quote from Becky states: “ All too often, we expect the Lord to do the supernatural for us.  But as we study the Word, we see that the Lord has a different plan.  He provides everything we need to succeed.  Then He expects us to be responsible and not just speak words of faith but put action behind our faith-filled words and divide our own Red Seas by the supernatural power of our faith in the redemptive work of Jesus.  He places the responsibility into our hands.”

So many thoughts arose for me as I read, like what is it that He wants me to succeed in?  It’s probably not at all like the world would define success-or even healing for that matter.

We all need healing and Becky suggest how we might get that healing—it’s worth the read.



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