“Daring to Live on the Edge”

A Book Review by Linda Lee



How many Americans even know what it means to live by faith?  We live by the power of “our own boot straps”, or a well-paying job with benefits investments, inheritances, and if all else fails, the government will bail us out.  Right?


In his book, “Daring to Live on the Edge” by Loren Cunningham, he suggests that our church “systems” can only be part of the equation for supporting those who live to teach and preach the Gospel.  He suggests that there may be “lean” times.  And those may actually be part of God’s plan for those He deeply loves.  We learn from adversity–we can be trained by it.

But Cunningham also shares example after example of miraculous provision for those who dare to follow God’s leading. How do we know if it is God’s leading and not our own imagination ?  We want something so badly that we think it is God leading.

Cunningham says:  ”  God is not stingy with confirmation if you  are honestly seeking Him and willing to do whatever He tells  you to do.  Make all your decisions in the presence of God, write them down  (Hab. 2:2)  and then do them.

That is the key, isn’t it?  Do we know God’s voice, do we hear God’s voice?  Do we obey?

TheWord  tells me “do not lean on your own understanding but in ALL your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.”  Personally, I have known this verse from a child, but how often have I leaned on my own understanding?  Or maybe even the understanding of another believer whom I trust.  Their input, wisdom may have been for their circumstance and their particular calling, but not mine.

Then there is the issue of waiting.  Patience.  His timing.  Oh, how I hate to wait.  When will I learn to wait on His timing…His will I know, His timing, I have become impatient with on too many occasions.

Has our American affluence affected our expectations?  Cunningham makes four suggestions:    1)  We should live not far above nor far below those among whom we are serving.  2)  Be aware of Greed.  3)  Avoid envy of others and be content.  4)  Keep giving to the Lord as He leads you.  He follows that with a chapter on “When It Just Doesn’t Work” which gave me reason to dig into the Word and spend time with my Savior let Him weed out any roots that have hindered His work in and through me.

It is a thorough and challenging book on living and truly depending on God for all our needs.  I highly recommend it–for those who are in Christian service.














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