“The Esther Anointing” by Michelle McClain-Walters

Becoming a Woman of Prayer, Courage and Influence

A Book Review By Linda Lee


Obviously, we are dealing with a  younger generation of women in the church today.

Forty years as a Pastor’s wife and a believer leaves me with some fifties traditions–I dare not call them strongholds.  I have heard and read the story of Esther hundreds of times, but never with the passion and Christian-feminism that Michelle portrays.  Her quote:

” Not at all like the feminist movement, this new breed of women will not attempt to carry out their mission copying the dress and behavior of men.  No, quite the contrary.”

The words, obey, submit, genteel… are never mentioned.  The actual story is not retold, but the reaction to the biblical account is spelled out in no uncertain terms.  Perhaps, ( I am not sure yet) this is a more balanced approach to a Godly standard for women.  We are not weak, subservient servants, we are strong, mindful and capable women, influenced by the Godly leadership of a Godly man–not just any man.  There is a difference.

And, if I buy into this new “Christian Feminism” what will I have to leave behind?    What traditions am I willing to let go of?  And which practices are just my strong preference?

We no longer have the cop-out of “this is what my church believes” or this is what my Pastor said, but we have to get alone with our Savior, mentor, brother and friend, Messiah-Yaweh and hear His voice for ourselves.    What is He telling me to do?–And what is he calling women to do in this world that we live in today?

And I have to say I agree with this paragraph that she bases from Psalm 2:7-9:  ”  Here, God is saying, “I have done everything that I am going to do.  I have given you the authority to bind, I have given you the authority to loose.’  See, it’s not about just getting up and coming out to a nice prayer meeting and saying, “Present and accounted for”.  No! It’s about walking into your created dimension, walking in what God created you do do.”

Throughout the book, I found myself correcting one term Michelle used: doing.  All these years working in the church, I had to learn to just “be”.   Nevertheless, it is worth the read, no it’s worth the think.  Enjoy the journey.








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