The Deborah Anointing by Michelle McClain-Walters



Another Book Review by Linda Lee


In the Deborah Anointing, by Michelle McClain-Walters, my imagination was incited, excited and broadened.  Michelle emphasizes Deborah as the Jewish Mother.  Imagine that, a Jewish woman with the Mother anointing, sitting under a Palm Tree.


“oy vey, Heine, eat the Lentils your wife cooks for you.  Passover is coming, you will get your lamb!”

Heine, Study the Torah and then come back to see me.

“Moises, you are a handsome young man, eat your vegetables and your pimples will go away!”

“Find yourself a Niiiice Jewish girl!, forget those with the stamp tramp”

But, it was more than just Mama- isms.  Deborah had a connection with God that enabled her to have a prophetic vision for the future and an unshakeable faith.  A Jewish mother in the home, directing the affairs of her family with grace, dignity and foreshadowing the hope of their future, renewing the destiny of more than her own family but of a nation.  The “children of Israel” needed a Jewish mother.

You say, oh but she was a warrior.  How does that fit?  Ever see a Jewish mother fight a principal, for a grade for her son?  Ever see a Jewish Mama advocate for her sick child. Oh yes, Deborah was an Anointed Jewish Mama with a warrior intuition from G_D.




Historically, Jewish mothers were not wimps…look at Jochebed, Mary, the wives of Ham, Shem and Japeth:  “Pack your bags, dear we are moving.’


“There is going to be a flood.”

A what?  O.k. then.”

Talk about faith and courage.  They’d never seen rain, let alone a storm.  Yet, they submitted to their husbands and took the first cruise.

As in the days of Abraham, Noah, and Deborah, it is time for the Mothers of this millennia to arise in the name of Messiah, to hear the call and summon the courage to speak life into the lives of sons and daughters-natural and those of our “temple”.

It is time to look at the common sense and anointing of our politicians, teachers and counselors and not just their certificate of higher education from the halls of liberal thinking anti-faith institutions.  It is time anointed mothers spoke what God has birthed in their spiritually sensitive minds, for the common good, the very salvation of a generation, a nation.

Let G_D arise in America. Let HIS wisdom cover the earth.


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