I have read the book, the “Shack”, with mixed thoughts and feelings.  I was very upset with  Sophia until I realized that Sophia represents wisdom and the Bible does refer to wisdom as a woman.  I was very uncomfortable with God as a Black Woman.  Yet, I realized that Jesus as a European Man is […]

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  Charles Dudley Warner was quoted as saying: “Politics makes strange bedfellows” has never been more true. Just entering my own golden years, I find myself a bit more skeptical than I used to be.  I have more faith in God, less faith in people. ( Or election promises, party loyalties),   I have moved from […]

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To Delight A Child

Often times, I have been told I am not practical.  Why would you spend your time or money on that? o.k. here is my answer:  “to delight a child”.  Period.  I have bought bundles of bubble wrap just to see my grandkids joyfully pop it.  I have bought ice cream cones and spend extra time […]

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 Becoming the “Caregiver”

  This road you travel, it is not for wimps.  It’s not just the aging, it’s the losses–the many losses. The man/woman you married can’t do all the things they once did.  You feel like a parent now. They call you a care-giver–He used to mow the lawn, she used to do the laundry.  We […]

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“Angry Men and the Women Who Love Them” By Paul Hegstrom, PH.D. Book Review By Linda Lee

“How do we know when normal conflict has crossed the line into dysfunction?” Paul Hegstrom defines abuse in thorough, thoughtful, truthful and compassionate language.  He speaks to the abused and the abuser.  He speaks to the church and to Pastors and counselors. Especially, abused women and children have been further traumatized by the responses of […]

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Angel at the Door

nMy mother had just been moved to a step down care unit after weeks in ICU after her second heart attack.  I had been  by her side, and now my sister had come to take over. Still, it was  hard to say good-bye.  What if she had another heart attack after I left to go […]

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